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Who's coming

Sometimes you join a conference and you don't know that your online friend is coming too... and you never met him before, so how does he look like?

Or you might not know that the maintainer of that really cool Python library that you used is also joining the conference; it would have been great to have a quick chat with her, if only you knew about it!

And what about finding out if there's someone that is using the same web framework that you like?

To help with this, we planned a simple way to help you reach out other cool people at the conference: browse the participant list and contact them directly

Activate your public profile and browse the list of participants

After you buy a ticket, you will be able to edit your public profile, listing who you are, a few contacts that you want to share, and your interests expressed as a tag list. This profile is deactivated by default, you will have to opt-in to make it visible to all other participants.

Moreover, you will be able to see the full list of participants (who have opted in to publish their profile), and filter it in many ways: by country or language, by tags of interest, etc.

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