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Are you a professional looking for a job? Is your company looking for proficient programmers? EuroPython is your greatest opportunity to hire the best Python programmers!

The special recruiting sessions allow you to get and offer a job in Python programming.

Important firms in the international IT sector will find room to present their own career opportunities to very special candidates. As shown by the well known "Python Paradox", Python programmers are typically among the very best on the market!

If you are looking for a job, bring your resumé to EuroPython, at least ten printed copies (as much as we would like to live in a hundred-percent digital world, a printed copy will allow you to immediately discuss your resumé and capabilities with a recruiter, while a digital copy on a USB pendisk will probably be less useful in a crowded situation).

If you are a company with open positions, have a look at the opportunities offered by EuroPython. Access to the recruiting sessions and all the other recruiting opportunities at EuroPython is in fact restricted to sponsors.

Recruiting session

The recruiting session will be given a prominent scheduling at EuroPython, to allow all the interested parties to attend without worrying about too many conflicts.

First, representatives from firms looking for people will go on stage: each one will have 5-10 minutes to describe the firm's activities and the competencies they are looking for.

Then, each representative will sit at a desk, where candidates will be able to give their resume and talk about job opportunities.

Because of the many people present, there will not be time for actual job interviews at the session, but the short discussion will nonetheless allow both parties to know each other and evaluate whether to pursue the contact further. It is also possible to schedule a private meeting/interview to be held in the following days in private meeting rooms available in the venue.

Companies willing to present and discuss their recruiting opportunities in more detail will also have a special recruiting meeting in the official schedule, with a dedicated room.

Recruiting mailing New

Interested in recruiting opportunities but not willing to join a public session?

Look no further: EuroPython gives you the opportunity to opt-in to receive a single recruiting email from each company offering Python jobs at the conference.

We do value your privacy: all the emails will go through us, and we will not share any personal details to the companies. See also our privacy policy. We never ever share any personal detail of participants to any sponsor or third-party company, period.

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