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Help Desk

Wrapping your head around that bug? A glitch keeps eluding you? Not sure whether the fault is in your application or in the framework? Look no further: reserve a slot at the EuroPython Help Desk and get a direction from experienced users!

The Help Desk is a place where masters of a technology give practical support on it. It is thought to be run by EP attendees for EP attendees, so to encourage information exchange and networking during the conference.

Each Help Desk session focuses on a specific technology: a Help Desk session lasts 4 hours and is divided in 8 30-minutes slots.

I want to attend a Help Desk

You're welcome! In a very short time, you will be able to do so by booking your slot directly on the schedule. Here are a few tips to get the most from a Help Desk session:

  • Self-assess if your doubt or question is suitable for a Help Desk session: if you just want an overview of the technology or licensing information, you're probably better off browsing through the project's website or posting to a mailing list, so focus on something that actually requires the touch and wisdom of an expert;

  • Be prepared - You will be talking with people skilled on the technology but with no knowledge of your particular problem, so you'll have to introduce and explain it effectively. If you have some code to debug, bringing a pre-configured laptop is a must. If you want to get feedback on your architecture, you should prepare a graphic diagram of the project;

  • Make contacts - You might agree with your supporter to further discuss the problem after the conference, or even start a collaboration. So, be sure to leave your contacts to her; a remind about what you talked about (e.g. "discussed a way to reduce memory usage of XYZ app" written on the back of your business card) will help her when getting back in touch.

I want to run a Help Desk

Good news! Even if you're already convinced, here are some good reasons to run a help desk at EuroPython:

  • Self-promotion - by offering support on your favorite technology, you get a chance to spread word about your skills. You can distribute advertising material about your company or activity while you're running the help desk, and contacts with people you support can later turn into contracts.

  • Improve your skills - by discussing concrete problems with help desk attendees, you get to know interesting use cases for a technology and are encouraged to wrap your head around a problem to propose a solution, which might later prove itself useful in your own activity as well;

  • Secret reward - the EuroPython organization board has prepared a secret reward for Help Desk runners...

Help Desk runners will be available at the designated desk for 4 hours. Attendees will be able to book their slot for free on the EP website, so help desk runners will have a precise schedule of who's coming when at the time their session starts.

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