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Web Applications on Python3 and Python2 with TurboGears

TurboGears aims at providing an open source Python web framework which is both flexible and fast to grasp, the framework provides support for pluggable applications and a rich quickstart that makes easy to rapidly prototype full featured web applications while keeping a flexible structure that makes possible to tune most of its behavior and its extensions.

The first part of the training will cover the setup of both a Python2 and Python3 web development environment with TurboGears, then a minimal project on Python3 will created to showcase web applications development on Python3. After developing a minimal webapp we will see how to use TurboGears to quickstart full featured web applications and which technologies are available on each environment.

During the training you will learn:

  • Creating Multiple python version environments with pythonbrew
  • Installing TurboGears2 on both environments
  • How to dispatch requests with ObjectDispatch
  • Work with XML and Text based Template engines
  • Install the tg.devtools and use gearbox to create full featured web applications
  • Accessing your models on SQLAlchemy and MongoDB
  • Using Authentication and Authorization
  • Implementing Facebook Login
  • Translating your web application and get i18n ready
  • Using ToscaWidgets to create Forms
  • Customizing the TurboGears Admin


A Linux system or Virtual Machine with Python 2.6 or 2.7 already installed.

in on Thursday 4 July at 09:00 See schedule

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240 minutes (inc Q&A)

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