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Franco Carbognani

Franco Carbognani

Technical interests
open-source, software-engineering, linux, Artificial Intelligence
Italian Mars Society
Job title
Science & Tecnology Coordinator
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Quick Bio

Franco Carbognani is currently Site Integration Manager within the Advanced Virgo Gravitational Wave Detector Project Office at the European Gravitational Observatory (EGO) in Pisa, Italy. In this role he is coordinating the site activities related to the upgrade of a large experimental facility and the integration of heterogeneous industrial subsystems. Beside this role he is also providing onsite Software Engineering support. He holds an MSc with double Major in EECS (Information Technology/Hardware Engineering) from the University of Bologna and CEFRIEL Research Center in Milan. Franco professional experience focus on the areas of Systems Integration, Control Software, Software Engineering and System Level Design both within large international companies and research institutions. Franco is the Science and Technology Coordinator of the Italian Mars Society and he currently leading the ERAS Project for which a FP7 call proposal has been submitted.

Franco Carbognani’s Talks

Python on Mars
Python su Marte
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