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Claudio Desideri

Claudio Desideri

Technical interests
community, game-development, software-engineering, mysql, HTTP, opengl, android, music, servers, ubuntu, design, integration, tutorial, framework, project-management, desktop, REST, linux, sql, teamwork, open-source, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence
Udine (IT)
Job title
student, foss developer

Quick Bio

I've always been interested in IT since I was born 18 years ago. I've started coding since the age of 13 with my first book about "C Basics". Then I switched to PHP and built a little but efficient framework. Finally I started using python in order to achieve my real childhood dream: making a videgame.

For now I'm quite experienced with the game engine Panda3D, I'm also a free software enthusiast and I really like teaching and working with other people. I think that encouraging and helping new people is often more important than a simple "read the manual".

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