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The perfect attendee's checklist

A quick checklist of things you absolutely need to know before coming to Florence!

EuroPython is approaching: the coolest Python week full of talks and events will begin on July 1st, in sunny Florence, Italy. To make sure you get the best out of your ticket, this is a checklist of things you should know about the conference:

  • Don't print anything, we know everything we need to know. Just make sure your tickets are fully compiled. Registration opens at 7:30am on Monday 1st.
  • We have an interactive schedule where you can browse, search, favorite talks, create a personalized schedule and so on (make sure to login).
  • We have a mobile guide (iOS, Android, Blackberry, and web-enabled devices), that also works offline.
  • 4-hours trainings have a booking system in place, through the schedule; booking a seat is optional, but gives precedence in case the room gets full. Login and book your training!
  • Get help at our help desks: you can book a 30-min slot and get free help from an experienced programmer on a specific Python-related technology or framework. Helpdesk booking is available through the schedule.
  • Check the sprint list, and join one, or propose a sprint yourself!
  • Looking for a new job? Join our recruiting session on Monday, the specific recruiting meetings with Amazon, Red Hat, Webrepublic & Demonware on Wednesday and Thursday ( check the schedule), and opt-in to receive a few carefully-selected job offers through EuroPython in your private email (no spam, email not shared with sponsors).
  • If you want to join PyBarbecue, the official conference dinner, make sure to book your seat.
  • Browse our partecipant list by tag, interest, country, and make your personal profile public; get in touch with people you want to meet at the conference before getting there.
  • We will be live-streaming and recording the whole event. Videos will be available almost immediately on YouTube (a few hours after each talk finishes). Tell your friends to simply go to the EuroPython website next week, and wave your hand to the camera!
  • Take a break from the conference and enjoy Florence, Tuscany, food, wine and museums, through our partner program.
  • We are also selling geek-friendly prepaid SIMs with data plans for smartphones (with tethering, no filters on VOIP/Skype, etc.). Have a look!
  • There are lots of extra events: our coding competitions (Code Jam, PyRidlle and AppEngine hackathon), the Python Advanced 2-days training, and the LPI exam session. Make sure to check the schedule in full detail!

See you in Florence!

The EuroPython team

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27 June 2013


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