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Schedule is now online

The subject says it all! Start browsing the schedule now and see what talks have made it thanks to the community voting.

Schedule Browser 0.1 alpha

EuroPython is a big conference, with many different tracks going on at the same time. Providing a way to guide delegates through the conference and help them not miss any event they like is our top priority. This is why we have worked around the clock to provide an interactive schedule browsing experience. We did not manage to complete everything for today, but we will keep working on it and release more browsing features in the next days.

Thanks to a fixed navigation panel, you will be able to do full-text searches in talks and abstracts to find talks that you would like to attend; the abstracts appears in an overlay popup so that you will not get confused when you get back to schedule browsing; you can turn on/off tracks that you are interested into (like the Italian track if you don't parli italiano molto bene); after a login, you will have the like/dislike buttons at your disposal to quickly filter the talks, and a "my schedule" view that only show the talks that you like. Did you join the talk voting? If so, your vote will appear next to each talk, to makes it even easier to find what you like most.

It's all a bit in beta right now, but rest assured that we will keep working on it in the next few days. If you find bugs, report them directly in the chat or by e-mail.

We really hope that you will like our schedule browser!

Special guests

We are proud to reveal the special guests that we have invited to this year's EuroPython:

  • Alex Martelli: PSF member, Python Italia founder, "Python in a Nutshell" writer, worldwide Python guru... and truly, deeply Italian. Does we need to add more? Yes, he is a wonderful speaker. You really need to watch one of his talks at least once in a lifetime!
  • Anna Ravenscroft: can you be a Pythonista, a mom, a geek, and a student at the same time? Of course you do, if your name is Anna Ravenscroft! Anna will be delivering a keynote on diversity within technical communities (like Python's), a topic which is really close to our heart. Don't miss it!
  • Raymond Hettinger: member of the PSF and very well-regarded and old-timer core Python developer, Raymond is so in love with Italy to fly over every year for Python Italia... and we are in love with him too! His competence really fascinates his audiences. Make sure to listen to him at least once during the week!
  • Simon Willison: Simon is probably best known in the Python community as a co-creator of Django, but he is a also a high profile public speaker and an entrepreneur (his current startup is the raising If you are looking for the very last secret of Django, write down his name and look for him in the schedule, you won't be disappointed!
  • Spotify: do you know that Swedish company that is world-famous for its revolutionary approach to paid music distribution? Did you know that they use lots of Python in their backend? Well, we did, and we invited them to share some secrets with us! They will be giving both a keynote and a technical talk on their backend architecture. Save the date!
  • Yann Le Du: Yann is a CNRS research engineer at the École nationale supérieure de chimie de Paris. Together with his staff, he lately published a terrific paper on exploiting Python and CUDA on gamer's PC for empowering the HPU4Science Cluster. We are looking forward to hearing more details about this in his talk!

What's missing

We need another week or so to sort out the final details on:

  • Sprints: we will concentrate on organizing the sprints starting tomorrow. For people that need to know their exact schedule for travel arrangements, we plan to have sprints during the whole Saturday and Sunday, starting at 9:00 and ending at 19:00. More details to follow next week.
  • Evening events: don't believe the schedule that says "Finish" at 19:30, we will have great evening events even later in the evening, for those who can't really miss a single drop of EuroPython! We are really looking forward to announce them, so stay tuned!


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28 April 2011


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