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Talk voting is now closed

Less than a hour ago, we have closed the talk voting system. Many thanks to the 75 users that took part in it, casting a grand total of 6767 votes on the 158 talk proposals.

Before sharing the final ranking, we will review the votes and the algorithm one more time, to make sure there was no mistake in the process.

Then, we will start working on the schedule that we are planning to publish next Friday. The schedule will follow the voting as closely as possible, so that talks higher in the final ranking will be given the best time slots and larger rooms, to reflect a higher interest from attendees.

Stay tuned!

While you are waiting...

It's a great time to explore the just-released partner program We have worked hard to offer many different tours for your partners and friends who do not share your love for Python. Let us know if you like the program and how we can improve it.

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18 April 2011


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