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Google Diversity Grant: a free ticket for female CS students

We are happy to announce that our sponsor Google is kindly offering a Diversity Grant, that will cover travel costs and attendance for a female CS student!

We have just published a new page with all the details.

If you are a female computer scientist student, and you were planning to attend to the conference, we recommend that you go reading the grant details and apply to it.

Google, the Python Software Foundation, and the Python Italia Association are committed to increase the diversity within the Python community, and encourage more female computer scientists to attend our events.

As organizers, we will strive to provide an environment which can be enjoyed by everybody, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, disability or race. Our code of conduct (that every person taking part to the event is required to agree with) has been carefully designed to reflect our goals.

Schedule reminders

Call for paper will close on April 6th! Make sure to not miss the date and submit your proposal now!

Registrations are open! Buy a ticket before April 11th to take part to the community talk voting!

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28 March 2011


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