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Call for Papers is opened

We've just published the Call for Papers! Don't miss your chance to share your experience with your Python fellows!

The Call For Papers is the moment when Europython organizers ask the European community to submit their proposals of the talks that will be given at the conference. If you think you have got an interesting topic to talk about, don't hesitate and send us an abstract following the Call for Papers guidelines suggested on this website.

This year, we are introducing 4-hours hands-on trainings during the conference, in addition to the regular tracks. During the submission, make sure to specify whether you are willing to change the talk into a 4-hour training. To compensate for the longer preparation required, speakers that will give a training will be rewarded with a free ticket and possibly also a small fee (crossing our fingers that the budget will allow this). Speakers of regular talks will instead benefit from a reduced conference fee.

Europython has been proving year after year to be a conference made by the community and for the community, and that's why this year we are happy to introduce the community-based talk voting. We will elaborate on this later on, so stay tuned!

We remind everybody that you can follow the updates on the conference, in addition to this blog, both on the official Facebook page and on the Twitter profile @Europython.

See you soon and...we're waiting for your abstracts!

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17 February 2011


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