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Poster session (en)

  1. - Documentation toolkit by Benoit Bryon
  2. Design of a Real Time Control System based on Django, ZMQ and WebSockets by Nahuel Defossé
  3. Kivy organization by Mathieu Virbel
  4. Diecutter - Templates as a service by Benoit Bryon
  5. oVirt - The Open And Comprehensive Virtualization Solution by Federico Simoncelli
  6. XAL - Execution abstraction layer by Benoit Bryon
  7. Plone, more than just a CMS by Paul Roeland
  8. 3D visualization in an OpenStack Cloud: a tasteful recipe by Muriel Cabianca Carlo Impagliazzo
  9. LC-MS data analysis with eMZed: beating commercial solutions with Python by Patrick Kiefer

Talk (en)

  1. "Good enough" is good enough! by Alex Martelli
  2. How DISQUS does "it" when "it" isn't Django by Adam Hitchcock
  3. Scalable SQL Patterns by David Cramer
  4. Bug hunting for dummies by Antonio Cuni
  5. Python Good Practices by Alan Franzoni
  6. Static analysis of Python by Andrey Vlasovskikh
  7. Meta Programming - Some Use Cases for Everyday Programming by Mike Müller
  8. Deployability of Python Web Applications by Bruno Renié
  9. Updating web applications with 0 downtime by Péter Szabó
  10. Take Back Control Over Your Work. Agile Tips For Python Developers. by Andrew Mleczko
  11. Real-Life Sharding by Christophe Pettus
  12. Lost in OAuth? Learn Velruse And Get Your Life Back! by Andrew Mleczko
  13. Python for hackers and Penetration testing by Oltjano Terpollari
  14. Open Source as a Business by David Cramer
  15. Fast, documented and reliable JSON based webservices with Python by Alessandro Molina
  16. Testing Django applications with pytest by Andreas Pelme
  17. Efficient Python development with small teams by Marc-André Lemburg
  18. Extending Python into PostgreSQL by Christophe Pettus
  19. Going beyond the Django ORM limitations with Postgres by Craig Kerstiens
  20. Understanding Encodings by Ezio Melotti
  21. Coding competitions with PyPy aka "Python for the win!" by Alessandro Amici
  22. pytest - rapid and simple testing with Python by Holger Krekel
  23. Python: from programmer to tamer by Alessandro Pisa
  24. Circus, process and socket manager by Tarek Ziadé
  25. Postgres Demystified by Craig Kerstiens
  26. Passwords - the server side by Thomas Waldmann
  27. Messaging for the Internet of Things by Andreas Schreiber
  28. Data model patterns with SQLAlchemy by Erik Janssens
  29. Celery and Social Networks. 5 Things I Have Learned During Earthquake Hackathon. by Andrew Mleczko
  30. Programming physics games with Python and OpenGL by Daniel Pope
  31. Never get in a battle of bits without ammunition. by Enrico Franchi
  32. Introduce Django to your old friends by Lynn Root
  33. Sink or swim: 5 life jackets to throw to New Coders by Lynn Root
  34. Using iPython Notebook in the Classroom by Anders Lehmann
  35. Tools for successful project development by Domen Kožar
  36. Designing Large-Scale Applications in Python by Marc-André Lemburg
  37. Kivy, versatile framework for mobile and desktop by Mathieu Virbel
  38. Solid Python Application Deployments For Everybody by Hynek Schlawack
  39. TDM: Test-Driven Madness by Rob Collins
  40. The next iteration of your GUI by Erik Janssens Jeroen Dierckx
  41. Greenlet-based concurrency by Goran Peretin
  42. Writing websockets applications with uWSGI and Gevent by Roberto De Ioris
  43. Functional testing with Python by Kay Schluehr
  44. Getting more developer girls using python by Lynn Root
  45. Practical uses for function annotations by Manuel Ceron
  46. ElasticSearch: Introduction and lessons learned by Dougal Matthews
  47. Mocket: a Socket Mock Framework by Giorgio Salluzzo Andrea De Marco
  48. Let's code with style by Florent Xicluna
  49. Python and PostgreSQL for Huge Data Warehouses by Hannu Krosing
  50. Introduction to machine learning using Python tools by Satish Shankar
  51. PostgreSQL is Web-Scale (Really :) ) by Hannu Krosing
  52. The ‘Agile Movement’ by Russell Sherwood David Sale
  53. pl/python now as powerful as C by Hannu Krosing
  54. Taming greenlets using eventlet by Floris Bruynooghe
  55. batou - a multi-(component|environment|platform|.*) deployment tool by Christian Theune
  56. PostgreSQL for Pythonistas. by Dougal Matthews
  57. Terminals, command lines, and text interfaces by Petr Viktorin
  58. Python Packaging on the Enterprise by Edward Easton
  59. Beyond Search by Honza Král
  60. Designing a Real Time Control System based on Django, ZMQ and WebSockets by Nahuel Defossé
  61. Rewriting Django Admin for the New World by Pamela Fox
  62. Decorators and context managers by Andrea Crotti
  63. Developing multi-platform apps with Python in 2013 by Guillaume Aubert
  64. Will ipython replace bash? by Roberto Polli
  65. An optimizing static Python compiler by Kay Hayen
  66. Introduction to OpenStack Swift by Chmouel Boudjnah
  67. Coding for the Modern Warzone by Gemma Hentsch
  68. Python on Mars by Ezio Melotti Franco Carbognani
  69. Server side story by Simone Deponti
  70. Affordable Off-The-Shelf Augmented Reality in Python by Thomas Perl
  71. Vaurien The Chaos TCP Proxy by Tarek Ziadé
  72. Introducing Python as a main programming language in a company by Patrick Büchler
  73. Testing for beginners by Jacob Hallén
  74. mongopersist: Persisting python objects *transparently* to MongoDB by Adam Groszer
  75. libspotify: Add music to Python by Michael Fötsch
  76. Magical attributes by Radomir Dopieralski
  77. TDD from scratch by Andrea Crotti
  78. devpi: driving your packaging and testing needs by Holger Krekel
  79. Django on client side. Doing more with CanJS by Aljoša Mohorović
  80. Heroku from a fanboy perspective by Aljoša Mohorović
  81. Pyramid advanced configuration tactics for nice apps and libs by Georges Dubus
  82. OpenStack: A python based IaaS provider by Flavio Percoco
  83. Debugging an Highly Available Python Process by Martin Sivák
  84. Creating and profiling your own 2D Physics Engine by Thomas Perl
  85. Simulating satellite motion and attitude using PyEphem and SymPy by Aureliana Barghini
  86. Politics, Python, Data and the Drogulus by Nicholas Tollervey
  87. Game programming tools in Python by Radomir Dopieralski
  88. Getting your point across: a primer by Federico Caboni
  89. Blaze: Managing and computing with BIG datasets by Óscar Villellas Guillén
  90. pyEyefix: an automated toolkit to analyze eye tracking data with python by Daniele Panizza
  91. 1 by Erik Mathiesen
  92. Inkscape vector-graphics programming in Python by Rigel Di Scala
  93. Numba: A Dynamic Python compiler for Science by Mark Florisson
  94. How to fund your projects by Mathieu Virbel
  95. Combining Web and Desktop applications by Jeroen Dierckx
  96. Compressing Python by Péter Szabó
  97. Behind the smoke and mirrors by Fredrik Håård
  98. Build your own Python based open-source video-sharing platform by Simone Orsi
  99. Graph Databases and Python by Raúl Cumplido
  100. One API to rule them all by Florian Friesdorf
  101. RestFS Internals by Fabrizio Manfredi Federico Mosca
  102. Data point traceability through data annotation by Fredrik Håård
  103. oVirt - Enterprise Virtualization Powered By Python by Federico Simoncelli
  104. PyNES: Python programming for Nintendo 8 bits by Guto Maia
  105. Translation in Django by Jair Trejo
  106. Uncle Pólya's practical tips for debugging Python programs by Peter Inglesby
  107. Breaking Things for Money by Peter Russell
  108. VBrowse - Genomic Browser by Vittorio Zamboni Alessandro Gervaso
  109. Building a CMS and Intranet for NGOs by Carsten Agger
  110. Marconi: Queuing and Notification service for OpenStack by Flavio Percoco
  111. Herding snakes (or how we do Agile management with the help of Python) by Simone Deponti
  112. Regaining sanity through gevent by Senko Rasic
  113. Changesets evolution with Mercurial by Pierre-Yves David
  114. A CDN made in Python by Raúl Cumplido
  115. mypy: Seamless dynamic and static typing for Python by Jukka Lehtosalo
  116. oVirt - CPython Enhancements And Reliability In VDSM by Federico Simoncelli
  117. Behavior-Driven Development with Behave and OpenERP by Florent Xicluna
  118. Distributed Testing of a Video-modifying Application by Miguel Ferreira
  119. Speed up your Django apps with Jython and SPDY by Emanuele Palazzetti
  120. Starting with Python in the clouds by Marek Jelen
  121. Openstack Nova Compute - The story of Python, Cloud and SOA by Nikola Dipanov
  122. Validated documents on MongoDB with Python and Ming by Alessandro Molina
  123. Understanding Plone by Matt Hamilton
  124. Python + MongoDB = fast REST APIs development by Pablo Enfedaque
  125. Sharing Geographic Knowledge with GeoNode by Simone Dalmasso Paolo Corti
  126. gocept.selenium: What is it and where is it going? by Thomas Lotze
  127. Solutions for Code Jam at EuroPython 2012 by Péter Szabó
  128. The Platform Behind the App “Gauss – The People Magnet” by Kit Blake
  129. ETOOMANYCATS: how we produce OpenStack by Thierry Carrez
  130. I see OpenStack in your future! by Muharem Hrnjadovic
  131. pytransact - a transactional layer for MongoDB by Anders Hammarquist
  132. Bringing Spatial Love to your Python Application by Steven Citron-Pousty
  133. How i simulated an underwater communication channel using Python by Satish Shankar
  134. Flood risk management for insurance industry by Maurizio Bottaccio
  135. Get a Python job, work on OpenStack by Thierry Carrez
  136. Convert any old db application using Sqlalchemy and Flask by Matteo Boscolo
  137. Introduction to Python database programming by Marc-André Lemburg
  138. Emacs as your IDE by Andrea Crotti
  139. lsf2amqp by Diego Russo
  140. How is ansible used at Fry-IT by Gautier HAYOUN
  141. Interactive programming with the Larch Environment by Geoffrey French
  142. Pink firewalling, when Python make my sysadmin day by Pierre Reinbold
  143. The essential inventions of Zope by Radosław Jankiewicz
  144. The OpenStack Community Activity Board: Achieving Insight Across Projects with Traceability, Dashboa by Sanjiva Nath
  145. pyNS, an open-source framework for 0D/1D multiscale haemodynamic modelling by Simone Manini
  146. eMZed - Leveraging the analysis of LC-MS data with Python by Uwe Schmitt
  147. Building Visual CSS Editor in javascript using DSLs by Shai Ben-Yehuda
  148. Modernizing a Zope 2 Application by Sylvain Viollon

Talk (it)

  1. Fabric, miglior amico dei programmatori web pigri e annoiati by Simone Dalla
  2. Programmazione competitiva con PyPy: "Vincere con Python!" by Alessandro Amici
  3. Python: da programmatore a domatore by Alessandro Pisa
  4. Simulare l'assetto e l'orbita di un satellite con SymPy e PyEphem by Aureliana Barghini
  5. Scegliere le armi per la battaglia del calcolo intensivo by Enrico Franchi
  6. Costruisci la tua piattaforma open-source di video-sharing in Python by Simone Orsi
  7. Essere agili? Metodi, strumenti e integrazioni: Python “to rule them all” by Massimo Azzolini
  8. Flussi di dati GPS in near real-time by Alessio Siniscalchi
  9. Capire le codifiche e Unicode by Ezio Melotti
  10. SimpleManagement: come semplificare la gestione progetti con Python by Maurizio Delmonte
  11. Corso di sopravvivenza per sviluppatori OpenSource by Roberto De Ioris
  12. Kivy, Python RAD per lo sviluppo di applicazioni mobile e non solo by Davide Corio
  13. Obidire alla capra! TDD con Python i Selenium by Harry Percival
  14. Uno sguardo agli internal di RestFS by Fabrizio Manfredi Federico Mosca
  15. Python su Marte by Ezio Melotti Franco Carbognani
  16. Speed up your Django apps with Jython and SPDY by Emanuele Palazzetti
  17. OpenStack: IaaS provider scritto in Python by Flavio Percoco
  18. OpenERP nel paese delle meraviglie by Davide Corio
  19. Sopravvivere ai creativi by Riccardo Magliocchetti
  20. Medialess Digital Medicine Initiative by Giancarlo Mascetti
  21. Marconi: Servizio di code e notifiche per OpenStack by Flavio Percoco
  22. La gestione del rischio assicurativo legato alle alluvioni by Maurizio Bottaccio
  23. Plone per gestire Agile by Simone Deponti

Training (en)

  1. A hands-on introduction to software testing (reloaded) by Federico Caboni
  2. Obey the Testing Goat! Rigorous Test-Driven Web Development with Django and Selenium by Harry Percival
  3. Solving Google Code Jam problems with PyPy by Alessandro Amici
  4. User to framework author in four hours by Fredrik Håård
  5. Python objects essentials by Pablo Enfedaque
  6. Functional programming in Python and even Haskell by Semen Trygubenko
  7. An intro to Blender modeling and scripting by Federico Frenguelli
  8. Get up to speed with OpenStack! by Muharem Hrnjadovic
  9. Deploy your apps in the cloud by Linqing Lu
  10. Web Applications on Python3 and Python2 with TurboGears by Alessandro Molina
  11. Python in the cloud with PaaS by Steven Citron-Pousty
  12. The Business of SMS and Apps in Emerging Markets by Victor Miclovich
  13. Getting started with Plone CMS development by Nejc Zupan Domen Kožar
  14. OpenERP Technical Training by Matteo Boscolo

Help desk (en)

  1. Testing / TDD helpdesk by Harry Percival
  2. Flask by Alex Morega
  3. Elasticsearch Helpdesk by Dougal Matthews Honza Král
  4. Kivy's Support by Mathieu Virbel
  5. Plone Help Desk by Maurizio Delmonte
  6. Camelot and SQLAlchemy Help desk by Erik Janssens Jeroen Dierckx
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