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All the juicy features for you smartphone geeks!

Guidebook smartphone application

We have published the full EuroPython guide through Guidebook. Guidebook is a smartphone application available as native app for Android and iOS, and as a mobile-friendly website for other phones.

One of the nicest features of Guidebook is that it is totally offline. So, once you have downloaded the EuroPython guide on your smartphone within the Guidebook app, you can browse it offline without an active Internet connection.

Notice that we will update the guide in real-time any time there is an event change. This means that the guide will always be more correct than the printed version in the conference booklet. The guidebook app automatically notifies you when there is a newer release of the EuroPython guide (once you get online with the phone, that is).

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Prepaid Italian SIMs with data traffic

Through a partnership with an Italian mobile operator (Wind), we will be able to resell prepaid SIMs at the conference. We strongly suggest you to book a SIM in advance by ordering it through this website, because we will probably not able to activate them directly at the conference.

By getting these SIMs, you can save on your hotel's wifi (and probably get a better service too!); and you will be always connected even if our wifi at the conference venue is flaky.

These are all the details:

  • Cost: €20
  • Protocols:
    • GSM/EDGE/UMTS native Italian SIMs (EU GSM frequencies)
    • Works on both 2G and 3G phones (so even old non-smartphones)
    • EDGE protocol supported for 2G rural areas (= decent Google Maps when you visit the countryside)
    • Good coverage with HSDPA/HSUPA in Florence at the conference venue (though in a couple of rooms you might be unable to get HSDPA/3G signal, while 2G works everywhere)
  • Physical format:
    • Standard U-SIM, Micro-SIM and Nano-SIM formats are available (Micro-SIMs are used by iPhone 4/4S and iPads up to 3rd gen; Nano-SIMs are used by iPhone 5 and iPad 4th gen).
  • Internet access:
    • Allowed speeds up to (nominal) 14.1 Mbps in HSDPA/HSUPA.
    • No VOIP/Skype filters.
    • Tethering (aka "Wi-fi hotspot") allowed. You can share Internet from mobile to PC. Save on the hotel wi-fi (and it's probably more reliable too!).
    • Total prepaid traffic: 1 Gigabyte
    • In case of exhaustion of 1Gb, speed is lowered to 64kbps with no extra charge (unlimited traffic allowed).
    • You can renew 1Gb at full speed for €9 (at the registration desk).
  • Voice calls:
    • Credit available: €6
    • Calls towards Italy: 9 cent/min (in 30/30 increments)
    • Calls towards most EU area: 20 cent/min (in 60/60 increments). See the detailed table.
    • Calls towards extra-EU area: from 5 to 50 cent/min. See the detailed table.
  • SMS: 9 cents to all destinations.
  • No costs for receiving calls or SMS.
  • Credit refills will be available in €5/€10 increments at the registration desk.

Please notice that you need an unlocked phone to make use of this SIM; if you are unsure if your phone is unlocked, please check it with your operator.

NOTE: Italian regulations require us to ask you for an ID document (driving license, passport, identity card, etc.) to be registered as official user of the SIM. You will be asked to upload it directly within your ticket page.

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