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What makes Python so AWESOME

by Raymond Hettinger for EuroPython 2011

In a world of many programming languages, the popularity of Python continues to grow without bound. We examine what makes it special and how it influences the way we program:

  • what gives python its texture and feel
  • what features support rapid development
  • where does the readability come from
  • what features support economy of expression
  • look at the mix of lightweight tools and industrial grade tools
  • how easy is it to learn python? how hard is it to master
  • what can python do that other languages can’t
  • what is the role of the python community
  • why does the license matter
  • does python just have zen or is there a python attitude?



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    Not sure if it's just me, but I can't get to the video link... I get an "access denied" XML file instead.
  2. Gravatar
    no video !

    error: access denied
  3. Gravatar
    Same message for me. Please fix!
  4. Gravatar
    Now it works, thanks!
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    I do not want the video file. Just the slides and notes on the talk. Can I get these?
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    Slides are unreadable. It'd be great to have them.

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75 minutes (inc Q&A)
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