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Slew library: GUIs made easy

by Angelo Mottola for EuroPython 2012

Programming GUIs in a quick and easy way has notoriously always been a desirable goal of almost any software project. Here we present the Slew Library, a small open-source Python library whose objectives are to be multiplatform, to support creating user interfaces in only a few lines of code, and to be compact and easily extensible.

In this talk we’ll explore the possibilities offered by the library, including showing how easy is to load complex interface definitions from XML resources, displaying them on screen and adding user event handlers. We’ll then move on describing the internal library architecture, detailing the current Qt backend for desktop support, hinting at future development involving pyjamas and/or emscrimpten backends for web 2.0 deployment.



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    Hi, can you point me to Slew library homepage?
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    Hi, and sorry for the big delay... I was expecting the system to warn me when a comment was made on my talk, but eventually I was wrong.

    There's a project page up on google code:

    This was made just recently though, and you wont' find much on it. The library started as a side project part of my current job, and I've cleaned it up in the recent months, so it's almost ready to be published as open source. I plan to put the code up on the site as soon as I have some free time (I hope soon!)

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45 minutes (inc Q&A)

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