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Sink or swim: 5 life jackets to throw to New Coders

by Lynn Root for

Many want to learn to code, and many choose Python as a first language. You direct them to Learn Python the Hard Way, or Dive into Python. Great! But now what? I will present 5 digestible projects to gradually progress the Python learner from near drowning to a decent swimmer. The goal is to have new coders feeling accomplished and to continuing learning.

In this talk, I will present to you 5 projects that have been tried and tested on new folks themselves. These projects progress from just after someone who worked through “Learn Python the Hard Way”, “Dive into Python” or a similar workbook, to contributing to open source, understanding the undertaking of a website, and new tools to make one’s computing life fun and easier.

Attendees will leave with the knowledge to push their new coder friends’ skills from drowning to swimming a lap or two, complete with resources to find sample code & projects.

in on Tuesday 2 July at 09:45 See schedule

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