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Python for hackers and Penetration testing

Do you like to cook? I love it! I am not talking about pizza, but about cooking security scripts. Have you ever cooked a backdoor? I do it often in my ‘python kitchen’. Python is very important to me because it changed my life and the way i see the world. My paper objective is to encourage the hacker spirit to each one of you using python programming language. What is a hacker? What is penetration testing? There are many of you new to hacking and information security, but after you attend my talk, not anymore. Python makes it easy for you to learn hacking skills fast and I will do my best to make it easier for you. Can python help you access facebook from your office where social networks are restriced? Yes, it can! During the presentation i will provide some background information about the language, variables,functions, networking and explain to you why python is very important to information security industry and why it is becoming the favourite hacker/pentester language. We will learn how to code some basic tools used in penetration testing like, subnet calculator, port scanner, zip file password cracker, md5 hash password cracker and unix password cracker, banner grabbing tool etc. An important point in this presentation is to become familiar with some of the most important and most popular programs in the field of information security industry, Sqlmap and social engineering toolkit aka SET. The best way to learn python is to practise it and study open source tools coded in python. Both, Sqlmap and SET are programed in python, so why not break one of them and study python scripts that make the tool? Since a kid i have been curious to understand how things work.Sqlmap is one of the most used tool in web application penetration testing and it is an open source tool.Why not break it? How does this tool work? The paper will teach you also how sqlmap works.Do you want to know what happens with the python code when you try to detect sql injection flaws? How does the sqlmap pass web application firewalls? My paper will teach you these things.I am a cool guy and passionate in what i do, so my paper is too.

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    Hey!!! . . . . . My ambition is to becoming a hacker . . . . I knw its not easy pls guide me . . . In my school they are gona teach python . . . . Im a complete newbie . . . Please help me

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60 minutes (inc Q&A)

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