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Python and the Elephant

Hands-on training session on how to develop applications with Python for and inside a PostgreSQL database

  • Writing applications for PostgreSQL using Python and PsycoPG
  • Writing applications inside PostgreSQL using PL/Python

PostgreSQL nowadays represents the perfect choice for an RDBMS for Python developers, given its compliance to the SQL standards and its integration with the Python language. PostgreSQL offers you as a Python developer two flexible approaches for writing their applications:

  • as a standard client/server approach where a Python application connects to PostgreSQL using PsycoPG and executes SQL statements
  • as a PostgreSQL extension, using functions written in PL/Python directly stored and executed inside PostgreSQL

NOTE: This is a professional training given by certified instructors of our sponsor 2nd Quadrant. It is provided as a preview of their professional training services, and requires a separate registration fee of €100 (20% VAT included). You can buy a ticket for this training directly from this website.


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    I am very interesting about PostgreSQL . I don't have a direct experience ( only a little ) and I would like to understand if this training could be useful for me. I am an Oracle Certified Professional and I have a good knowledge on Databases.

    Another question is if needed to have a personal laptop (could I use a netbook ? ) and which kind of tools and PosgreSQL distribution are needed.

    Thanks a lot
    Roberto Garofalo
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    Hi Roberto,

    thanks for your question. In general, the feeling we usually get from Oracle users (and you are a certified one) that try to get closer to PostgreSQL is that "things make perfect sense at once". They both share a lot of similarities.

    Of course, having a PostgreSQL experience would help for this course, but I believe you can do it even without it. However, it is more oriented to introducing what can be done with Python in and outside PostgreSQL. It is more from a developer point of view rather than a DBA point of view, and I believe Python knowledge is more required than Postgres'.

    What I suggest is that you come to our free training session about PostgreSQL 9.1 as well, which is scheduled on Wednesday afternoon.

    Do not hesitate to ask more detailed questions should you require further information.

    Thank you and ... see you in Florence.


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240 minutes (inc Q&A)
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