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Programming physics games with Python and OpenGL

by Daniel Pope for

Games like Angry Birds or World of Goo have been enormously successful with their combination of simple, colourful graphics linked to a physics simulation, and with Python, creating your own game could take just few happy hours of hacking.

I will introduce various off-the-shelf physics engines, explain the principles on which they work and show how to connect a physics engine to simple OpenGL graphics. Along the way I will share tools, techniques and tips I’ve used for creating games in the past, and some of the pitfalls I’ve encountered.

The talk may involve basic vector maths, Newtonian mechanics, and airborne radioactive cephalopods, so you may not be completely safe if you fear any of these things.

in on Thursday 4 July at 11:15 See schedule

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60 minutes (inc Q&A)

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