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Pricing products using Python graphs and sets

by Rob Collins for EuroPython 2011

We will look at the limitations of available rule engines when it comes to complex pricing rules. Rob has been part of a Python team writing a pricing engine based on network graphs. We will show:

  • Why pricing is not easy
  • Rule engine anti-patterns, e.g. to change one price requires a week’s development time, and has to be fitted into a release cycle
  • How to make pricing rules data driven, usable by the business
  • How the use of graphs and sets reduces the complexity

Rob is joined by David Layton of Grey Squirrel Consulting, who is a fellow contractor working with Rob on the pricing project. He is an American expatriate and Python developer, currently living and working in London. His background is in scientific computing, CRMs and Business Intelligence.



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    Good work, Rob! Wish I were there.

    I heard of this talk from Oisin when I met him last month.

    Any follow-up to this? Is it open sourced yet?

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45 minutes (inc Q&A)
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