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OpenStack on OpenStack: Deploying OpenStack using OpenStack

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the industry by providing us with the ability to rapidly and dynamically provision infrastructure that has been abstracted behind APIs. Services such as Heat leverage these APIs to provide powerful orchestration capabilities to do the same for complex composite applications.

What’s an example of a really complex application? A cloud! Unfortunately, traditional cloud deployments use a separate set of tools to deploy and upgrade the control layer which means having two distinct provisioning systems. That’s not optimal, so why not use cloud to deploy cloud?

In a talk that might sound like a new Christopher Nolan movie staring Leonardo DiCaprio, we’ll look at how OpenStack’s Heat and Nova “baremetal” compute driver makes it possible to build a cloud where the control layer is itself deployed and upgraded via the same cloud API. We call this TripleO - OpenStack On OpenStack.

in on Thursday 4 July at 17:15 See schedule

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30 minutes (inc Q&A)
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