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Making DISQUS realtime

by Adam Hitchcock for EuroPython 2012

This talk will overview what it took to add realtime to a truly “web scale” app. The result is the DISQUS realtime system, a highly concurrent system for allowing web clients to subscribe to arbitrary events in the DISQUS infrastructure.

The talk will be about 30 minutes with an extended Question/Answer/Open discussion time (because your ideas are good too!).

  • Overview of the architecture (redis + gevent + flask) and why those choices were made
  • Numbers! how much concurrency and msg/s we are supporting with realtime
  • How we baked high availability into the application, not just the infrastructure
  • Overview of the hardware involved
  • Lessons learned (what broke hard, what worked awesome)

Suggested audience experience:

  • Medium/Advanced level experience
  • Familiarity with Flask, Gevent/Eventlet would be really good.


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60 minutes (inc Q&A)

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flask WSGI gevent django
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