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Introducing Python as a main programming language in a company

Background soXes is an individual software development and consulting company based in Switzerland, Vietnam and Belarus.

Python was already used in a number of smaller projects developed by soXes. However, it was not considered as being one of the main programming languages of the company. By beginning of 2012 the author of this talk could convince his business partner that Python would be a very valuable replacement of Java as one of the main programming languages to be used by the company.

During the whole 2012 a big effort was made to start using Python as main programming language and to push as much projects as possible into this direction.

Now, a the beginning of 2013, we can say that this move was successful. During this transition we learnt a lot about how to introduce new technologies, about specialties of Python, about the perception of Python in the public and last but not least about proper management of a software development company.

This Talk The lessons we learned during our transition are, in the authors opinion, of public interest. The structure of the talk would be as follows:

  1. short introduction of the company, its development process and answer to the question: “Why switching to a new programming language?”

  2. Why was Python the language of our choice? What advantages does Python have from the point of view of a small or medium-sized development company?

  3. How did we implement the new language? What hurdles had to be taken? How was the reaction of our developers?

  4. How was the reaction of our customers? What is the perception of Python in the business area where our customers work?

  5. What can be improved on Python from a business point of view? What should you consider when you introduce a new language like Python into a company?

  6. Conclusion: Would we do it again? Answer: yes of course because…

in on Friday 5 July at 11:15 See schedule

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60 minutes (inc Q&A)

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