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Patrick Büchler

Patrick Büchler

Technical interests
json, REST, java, .net, software-engineering, web, python3, refactoring, api, database, project-management, agile, business, architecture, principles, debugging, open-source, Algorithms
Zürich, Switzerland
soXes GmbH
Job title
Company web site

Quick Bio

I was born 6 December 1976 in Lucerne Switzerland. Already as a child I was very intersted in computers. I must admit that I used the computer mainly for gaming which is still a big hobby of mine.

After finishing high school I worked for 1 year as a system administrator in a bigger company in the electricity industry. Then, I went to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology )(ETH) in Zürich and studied computer science. Beginning of 2003 I graduated as Master of Computer Science.

Already during my studies I took part in the foundation of the company soXes which focuses on individual software development. I am now partner of soXes and manage the software development and systems group

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