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Getting more developer girls using python

by Lynn Root for

UPDATED: This talk was originally supposed to be given by Emily Karung. In her place, Lynn Root gave a talk on PyLadies and a quick intro to Python with her tutorial,

This talk will show beginner developer ladies how to program using classes, how to use scripts and how to do some solid work in web programming for example python best practices like using virtual envs and pips, the difference between the different versions of python, how to create a basic program in python and a basic introduction to django as a gateway into the world of web development.

My major goal is female inclusion in the python developer world and to share my experience as a female developer.

in on Monday 1 July at 18:30 See schedule


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    Just a couple of questions - Is this for women only? Is it meant to be more of a (short) tutorial than a talk?

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    Hi Lynn,

    Preferably, women only and maybe some gentlemen that are interested in bringing female python developers on board.
    It will be a short tutorial and a few minutes of discussion about how to get more girls excited about python.

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    Hi Emily,
    I'd would like to register to your course, is it possible yet?

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60 minutes (inc Q&A)

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