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Functional functional programming in Python and even Haskell

by Semen Trygubenko for EuroPython 2012

Reaping the benefits of functional programming can be a real challenge, falling anywhere between exciting and frustrating, to the point that one might end up feeling demotivated and embarrassed about writing in the functional style in the “real world”.

I have always strived to write functional side-effect free code for production, and this year I have been taking functional programming for myself one step further by re-writing some of my Python tools in Haskell, and I would like to share my findings.

In this tutorial we will work through a progression of increasing in complexity fun-to-solve problems, obtain solutions both in Python and Haskell, in order to be able to first hand compare and contrast readability, performance and development time.

Bring a laptop and a couple of interpreters (ipython and ghci) and lets do some hacking!


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240 minutes (inc Q&A)

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