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Functional programming in Python and even Haskell

Reaping the benefits of functional programming can be a real challenge, falling anywhere between exciting and frustrating, to the point that one might end up feeling demotivated and embarrassed about writing in the functional style in the “real world”. I have always strived to write functional side-effect free code for production, and last year I have been taking functional programming for myself one step further by re-writing some of my Python tools in Haskell, and I would like to share my findings. In this tutorial we will work through a progression of increasing in complexity fun-to-solve problems, obtain solutions both in Python and Haskell, in order to be able to first hand compare and contrast readability, performance and development time. Bring a laptop and a couple of interpreters (ipython and ghci) and lets do some hacking!

This training was first given at EuroPython 2012. Version of this year, should the proposal be successful, will be expanded to include new material and clarifications and improvements based on the feedback from past attendees.

in on Thursday 4 July at 14:30 See schedule

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240 minutes (inc Q&A)

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