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Diecutter - Templates as a service

by Benoit Bryon for

Diecutter provides a web service where you basically post data to templates and get rendered files in return.

It makes it easy to use, share and reuse templates in many situations, such as provisioning or code generation. You don’t have to dive into implementation like with PasteScript. You don’t have to deal with provisioners (Salt, Chef, Puppet…), which are overkill for many use cases. You just focus on templates and input data.

Currently, diecutter comes with a default implementation to serve a template API in seconds. In future, it will be a framework which lets you expose templates written in any language (Cheetah, Jinja, ERB, …) from anywhere (local filesystem, online repositories, databases…) as a WSGI service.

While this poster presents diecutter’s concepts and main use cases, authors will be glad to get feedback, discuss and welcome contributors.

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