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devpi: driving your packaging and testing needs

by Holger Krekel for

Python still does not have a built-in installer that can install dependencies. You have to install setuptools/distribute and easy_install/pip to use it. Installation of packages is slow and depends on reachability of the pypi and other servers. There is no quality control where you could e. g. see on which platforms the package successfully installs, let alone has automated tests passing. There is not even a standard way to run tests. However, there are many good recent developments and PEPs which i am going to discuss during my talk. The talk also walks through features of the “devpi” project (very likely released by the time of EP2013). devpi takes a “meta tool” approach and features a modern PyPI server implementation suitable for in-company usage as well as workflow commands to upload, test and install python packages, re-using existing tools and practises.

in on Thursday 4 July at 09:00 See schedule

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45 minutes (inc Q&A)

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