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Deploying web applications to the cloud with Python

by Nate Aune for EuroPython 2011

How can Python help you deploy web applications to the cloud? Amazon EC2 provides virtual machines on demand but as a developer you still have to configure these machines and push your code to them. Fabric is a Python library that lets you execute commands on a remote machine, and Boto is a Python library for interfacing with Amazon web services. By using Fabric and Boto, you can easily create repeatable deployments and provision new resources as needed with minimal effort.

This talk will introduce Amazon Web Services and how to launch new machines using simple Boto scripts, and how to get started making your own repeatable deployments using Fabric scripts.



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    Hey Nate, the slides in the video are barely readable, so I was wondering if the slides are online somewhere, maybe?

    Thanks, Vincent

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60 minutes (inc Q&A)
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