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Circus, process and socket manager

= introduction =

Built with zmq, Circus ( is a process and socket manager we’re writing at Mozilla Services.

It has many features like a web interface with a live stream of process/socket stats, a command line tool to drive the system. etc.

This talk will present the architecture of the tool, its uses cases at Mozilla, and what we’re planning next.

= agenda =

  • mozilla use case
  • overview of existing tools
  • features we wanted to have
  • technical choices: psutil, zmq,, bottle, gevent
  • circusd, circusctl, circus-top
  • config files
  • detailed architecture and the Chaussette WSGI app
  • plugins
  • benchmarks
  • what’s next

NB this talk was given at Pycon Ireland - slides :

The Europython version will be longer with more information and new things

in on Wednesday 3 July at 14:30 See schedule

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60 minutes (inc Q&A)

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sysadmin web service-orchestration servers
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