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Beyond Python Enhanced Generators

by Erik Groeneveld for EuroPython 2011

Right after the introduction of PEP342 (Enhanced Generators) we started to decompose programs into generators. It was soon discovered that for real-life problems one would need something like “yield from”, as is described in PEP380. At that time, we already had a similar solution called ‘compose’, which we adapted to PEP380.

After 5 years working with ‘compose’, we found a small set of other features that are essential if you want to use Enhanced Generators not only as a way of lightweight command scheduling, but also a a pipe-line, or parser. Indeed, the latter concepts are what real co-routines are about.

This talk introduces what is needed on top of PEPs 342 and 380 based on experience with decomposing big enterprise search engines into co-routines. Parts of it have been presented on SPA (2008) and EuroPython (2010). Understanding of Enhanced Generators is a prerequisite.

Experience has shown that the topic is subtle enough to require quite some time for full understanding, hence the suggestion for a 90 min slot.


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90 minutes (inc Q&A)
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