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Valerio Maggio

Valerio Maggio

No pain, no gain
Technical interests
community, django, twisted, numpy, datamining, software-engineering, core-programming, cloud, optimization, appengine, best-practices, parallelization, clustering, FunctionalProgramming, scientific-computing, testing, iPython, framework, selenium, tdd, scalability, social, data-analysis, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence
University of Naples Federico II
Job title
Research fellow

Quick Bio

Valerio Maggio got the MSc. degree in Computer Science with honours (cum laude) and the Ph.D. in Computational Science and Information Technology at the University of Naples "Federico II". His research interests are mainly focused on the definition and application of Information Retrieval and Machine Learning techniques to Software Maintenance tasks such as Mining Software Repositories, Software Clustering and Clone Detection. By the way, he is a truly passionate Python programmer and an enthusiastic Django developer, who enjoys drinking good tea and listening to good music.

Valerio Maggio’s Talks

Introduction to Number Crunching
Clone Detection in Python
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