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Štefan Urbánek

Štefan Urbánek

Technical interests
sqlalchemy, quality-assurance, application-design, numpy, information-retrieval, datamining, open-data, olap, data-analysis, sql, database, postgresql, provenance, architecture, open-source, scientific-computing, graphics, pydata
Bratislava, Slovakia
Fresh Data, s.r.o.
Job title
data brewmaster
Company web site

Quick Bio

Data analyst, information architect and knowledge designer. Focusing on data quality management, data governance, data provenance and usability of the data. Author of Cubes - Lightweight Python OLAP framework. Previously analytical CRM specialist in a mobile telco company. Have experience with data warehouse design and data processing architectures. You can read my blog about data brewing and my open-source projects.

Štefan Urbánek’s Talks

Cubes - Light-weight OLAP Framework and Server
Slicing and Dicing with Cubes - Light-weight OLAP Framework and Server
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