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Russell Sherwood

Russell Sherwood

Developer at BSkyB in London
Technical interests
django, Ruby, javascript, scrum, jinja2, css, best-practices, html, continuous-integration, flask, bdd, testing, agile, Python, web, tdd, php, test-driven-development, web-development, game-development, nose, jenkins, XP, cucumber, pair-programming, java
London, UK
Job title
Software Developer
Company web site

Quick Bio

I joined BSkyB two years ago on their "software development graduate academy": a graduate scheme with the aim of building university graduates' software development skills. During this time I received great exposure to agile development practices and languages such as PHP, Ruby and Python.

In January 2012 I joined my current team, who work with modelling BSkyB's range of products such as Broadband, TV and Phone services, which sits at the heart of the sales platform. The system is developed in Python and the team use the agile development methodology.

I am attending EuroPython in order to further expand my knowledge of the possibilities of the language and how it can benefit our team.

Russell Sherwood’s Talks

The ‘Agile Movement’
Behaviour Driven Development at BSkyB
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