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Reimar Bauer

Reimar Bauer

Reimar Bauer is a long-term MoinMoin Wiki developer.
Technical interests
community, pypy, javascript, refactoring, performance, optimization, debugging, WSGI, education, mobile, html, unicode, android, communication, ubuntu, flask, security, scientific-computing, Full Text Search, node.js, application-design, iPython, web, kvm, api, raspberrypi, scalability, graphics, sphinx, json, REST, linux, data-analysis, free-software, PSF, open-source
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH

Quick Bio

Reimar Bauer is a long-term MoinMoin Wiki developer.

He likes FOSS projects and is a member of the pyCologne ( Usergroup. Since four years he organizes Python Barcamps ( in Cologne. Since 2012-11-01 he is a board member of the Python Software Verband e.V. ( and become elected as PSF Fellow in 2013.

Reimar Bauer (PySV) is responsible for the competition: Python moves the world - Attractive programming for young people. A short summary at speakerdeck.

For living he works at the Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, IEK. His fields of work/research development of data acquisition and analysis software, and system administration.

Reimar Bauer’s Talks

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