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Petr Viktorin

Petr Viktorin

Brno, Czech Republic
Red Hat
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Associate software developer
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Quick Bio

I learned to program shortly after I learned to write, but only in college I discovered -- and promptly fell in love with -- Python. The Brno University of Technology in Czech Republic gave many opportunities to practice coding discrete simulation, a compiler, database access, or a script to register for classes, getting first pick in the refresh wars. For my Master's degree, I moved to the University of Eastern Finland to annoy teachers by using Python instead of Java or Matlab. I expanded my knowledge with courses ranging from signal processing to user interaction, while I still had time for open-source projects on the side. After school, I joined the Identity Management team at Red Hat, where I mostly annoy my colleagues (and manager) with overly strict adherence to PEP8 and wanting to refactor everything that smells.

I also help organize local Python users' meetings.

Petr Viktorin’s Talks

Terminals, command lines, and text interfaces
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