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Patrick Kiefer

Patrick Kiefer

ETH Zurich
Job title
Senior Scientist
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Quick Bio

I studied Biology at Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany (1992-1999). Subsequently, I did my PhD in the Biochemical Engineering Department at Saarland University (1999-2003) where I mainly worked with mass spectrometry based techniques. After a one Year Postdoc in the same group, I started a second Postdoc position at INSA in Toulouse, France (2005-2006) where I developed new approaches for targeted LC-MS/MS data analysis. Since 2006, I am a Senior Scientist at the Institute of Microbiology of ETH Zurich, Switzerland where I am responsible for the LC-MS platform including development of data analysis workflows. In our group we are mainly working on the analysis of small molecules involved in metabolism and signaling of bacteria.

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