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Nicola Larosa

Nicola Larosa

Technical interests
opengl, women, retro-coding, REST, django, linux, twisted, music, healthcare, graphics, pypy, web, ubuntu, postgresql, scm, async, audio, sphinx
Rome, Italy
Canonical Ltd
Job title
Senior web developer
Company web site

Quick Bio

I've been designing and developing software since 1990, administering computer systems since 1994, using mostly Free/Libre Open Source Software technologies since 1999, contributing to various FLOSS projects since 2001, and managing projects from home since 2002.

Since 2009 I work for Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu.

My experiences in software development span a large part of the available technologies, both FLOSS and proprietary, with an emphasis on the Python programming language and its web/internet frameworks.

I try to leave the world with more music than I found it.

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