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Mike Sandford

Mike Sandford

Technical interests
education, turtle-graphics
Redholm Informatics
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Quick Bio

I’m a software developer. In the past I have been a project manager, IT Director, and a consultant specialising in the Electricity Industry. I am currently working in a new company that is capturing public data on energy markets and selling automatically generated reports. Most of my work consists in capturing data, putting it into databases, and generating the reports. I also create web served user interfaces for management of processes and delivery of the end products.

I've been doing this sort of thing on and off for some years now, and the focus switches from capture and management of guarantees of origin for green generation, to detailed reporting of electricity generation data, and back again.

Almost all the work I do uses Python: data capture, data analysis, user interfaces, and small tools just to do stuff. This gives me a common base for the different tasks so I don't have to keep reminding myself how to do basics in whatever language I'm using at the time. The results are not always pretty, but the job gets done.

Recently I've gathered a lot of the generic process into the Lokai package. This supports interlinked process for data capture and so on, as well as a highly structured user interface for task management and product delivery. I use this as the basis for the various services I'm currently working on.

Mike Sandford’s Talks

Getting the logging module to do your bidding
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