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Maciek Dziergwa

Maciek Dziergwa

CEO - STX Next Python Experts
Technical interests
community, CMS, django, software-engineering, zope, iOS, cloud, appengine, best-practices, mobile, quality-assurance, ecommerce, architecture, e-gov, application-design, integration, healthcare, framework, tdd, project-management, case-study, business, open-source
Poznan, Poland
STX Next Python Experts
Job title
Managing director
Company web site

Quick Bio

Maciek Dziergwa is CEO of STX Next Python Experts. He starting his adventure with Python in 2004 as Python and Plone developer working for clients in Netherlands. In 2005 he started his Python Software House company named STX Next and since then he works as subcontractor for other Python companies. Today, he is a leader of over 20 full time Python developers.

During this time he and his team took part in many project for biggest banks in Poland, that gave him incredible experience and knowledge. This knowledge he tries to share with other by giving lectures at polish universities and python conferences.

Big fan of Plone CMS. Co-founder of

Maciek Dziergwa’s Talks

Python in banking systems
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