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Jonas Bardino

Jonas Bardino

University of Copenhagen, eScience
Job title
Research Assistant
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Quick Bio

This talk is authored by Professor Brian Vinter and M.Sc. Jonas Bardino from the Minimum intrusion Grid (MiG) project (

Brian Vinter is Professor of Computer Science at University of Copenhagen, where he heads the eScience Center. He is a master of computer-engineering from Aalborg University in Denmark and PhD from Tromsø University, Norway. Professor Vinter's professional interests are centered on High Performance Computing, Grid systems and eScience in general. He is the main 'inventor' and architect behind the Minimum intrusion Grid.

Jonas Bardino is a Research Assistant at the eScience Center at University of Copenhagen. He got his master of computer science grade from the University of Southern Denmark in Odense and his career so far has included employment as a developer and system administrator in a small High Performance Computing company as well as at two universities where he had - and still has a central role in developing and maintaining the MiG middleware.

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