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Jean-Paul Smets

Jean-Paul Smets

CEO of Nexedi, creator of ERP5 and SlapOS, developer
Technical interests
nosql, twisted, software-engineering, zope, pypy, performance, cloud, ERP, deploy, education, buildout, quality-assurance, html, android, ecommerce, cython, chef, parallelization, automation, service-orchestration, flask, clustering, design, architecture, testing, tutorial, web, selenium, pyramid, distributed, scalability, continuous-integration, business, open-source, scm, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence
Nexedi SA
Job title
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Quick Bio

Founder of Nexedi and initial author of ERP5, Jean-Paul is currently in charge of Nexedi international development, investment relations and technology partnerships. Jean-Paul graduated from Ecole Normale Supérieure with a PhD in computer science and from Ecole des Mines de Paris with a Master in Public Administration. He gained industrial experience in Apparel Industry, Oil industry, Non Profit Organizations and Lorraine Region Public Administration. He is an active member of Free Software associations and has played in key role in the Eurolinux campaign which succeeded in protecting innovation from software patents.

Jean-Paul Smets’s Talks

Beyond Clouds: Open Source Edge Computing in Python with SlapOS
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