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Guillaume Aubert

Guillaume Aubert

Technical interests
data-structures, programminglanguage, application-development, space, design, game-development, open-source, scm
Job title
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Quick Bio

The author of this talk has been architecting,implementing and operating large scale data handling systems for more than 15 years. He has started his career developing TV broadcasting near-realtime application in C/C++ before to move in an earth science european organization where he was architecting and developing applications in C++ and Java to handle and distribute in near real-time large meteorological datasets. This is in this new working environment that he has discovered the advantage of using a powerful yet user friendly scripted language such as Python on top "scientific big data" libraries to increase and simplify the development of new meteorological applications. In 2010, based on a need he had, he has created and released an open source Python application called Gmvault ( allowing to simply backup and restore your Gmail mailbox. The success of Gmvault has been immediate as within a year it has been downloaded more than 50000 times, many tech sites have written articles on Gmvault and has been starred 750 times on Github. The author is always eager to exchange on software development in order to learn from others development experience.

Guillaume Aubert’s Talks

Developing multi-platform apps with Python in 2013
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