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Giovanni Bajo

Giovanni Bajo

Technical interests
JIT, django
Firenze, Italia
Develer Srl
Job title
Company web site

Quick Bio

Lover of good software and good food, Giovanni Bajo was chosen by computers to be their best friend since he was a child. To his first passion, videogame development (industry in which he worked for some years), he later added love for the free software (he is a maintainer of GCC, for instance) and for the eclectic Python, that he loves self-referencing as an "evangelist" of. His main areas of competence are algorithm development, software design, and development infrastructure. He feels an orgiastic pleasure when he jumps into never-seen-before source code to uncover and erase obscure and hidden bugs. He's been working with Develer for several years, a company which always values quality over quantity.

Giovanni Bajo’s Talks

Debugging and profiling techniques
Distributing Python programs through PyInstaller
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