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Giorgio Salluzzo

Giorgio Salluzzo

Python developer and FLOSS user, RPG player, Android bricker, beer drinker, food producer and consumer, works at Buongiorno
Technical interests
django, nosql, twisted, web, refactoring, database, postgresql, mysql, cloud, async, WSGI, continuous-integration, beer, flask, architecture, Full Text Search, agile, tdd, api, tornado, android, REST, testing, gevent, free-software, open-source
Buongiorno S.p.A.
Job title
Backend Architect and Reptile Hunter
Company web site

Quick Bio

My story begins with an Olivetti M24, digging out what people know as COMPUTERS, some Turbo Pascal, a few DB2 masks and Lucasarts videogames... Had some medals with my X-Wing, but I soon fell in love with the Dark Side: Tie-Fighter and Tie-Advanced were my favourites. I've already retired as an Imperial Officer, but I'm still studying Death Star sketches, going through frameworks and libraries, were no CSSes and Javascripts can hurt me.

Giorgio Salluzzo’s Talks

Mocket: a Socket Mock Framework
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