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Ed Crewe

Ed Crewe

Technical interests
education, scalability, REST, django, nosql, porting, datamining, plone, web, fabric, database, performance, postgresql, architecture, integration, open-source, testing, e-gov, SOAP, continuous-integration
Bristol, UK
University of Bristol
Job title
web developer
Company web site

Quick Bio

I have been a Python developer, amongst other languages, for over ten years and first started using Django a few years ago. I have worked at the University of Bristol throughout this time and developed the University’s Plone based public web sites CMS. I work in team that also does external commercial work and like having a foot in both camps, along with being involved with the Python community. This involvement is mainly via local groups, sprints, Planet Python and a few Plone and Django add ons  

I have given talks within the University, at local developer community events, and at DjangoCon Europe last year. I am currently spending half my time re-developing our national survey system, BOS Online Surveys from Perl into Django, and the rest developing internal python applications for the University.

Ed Crewe’s Talks

Creating federated authorisation for a Django survey system
BOS - rebuilding an academic survey service in python
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