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Domen Kožar

Domen Kožar

Python consultant
Technical interests
community, REST, django, continuous-integration, linux, zope, pypy, javascript, refactoring, fabric, plone, teamwork, open-source, pyramid, testing, E-learning
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Job title
freelancer (student)
Company web site

Quick Bio

I'm a student at Faculty of Electrical Engineering finishing Telecommunications masters degree in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I've been doing web development since 2007, Python being his primary language almost since the beginning.

I'm is a fellow Open Source contributor to many Python related projects, but mainly to Plone and Pylons Project. Being participant of Google Summer of Code for 3 consecutive years, I'm eager to continue for another year and apply for mentorship in future. You can see me coding in a bar or drinking beer with a local Python community somewhere in Europe.

You can reach me on IRC (Freenode) under nickname iElectric or read my blog at ·

Domen Kožar’s Talks

Tools for successful project development
Getting started with Plone CMS development
Nixos Operating System: Declarative Configuration Distribution
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