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David Sale

David Sale

Python developer, article writer and speaker
Technical interests
Ruby, javascript, refactoring, cloud, optimization, mobile, quality-assurance, continuous-integration, application-development, monitoring, spotify, bdd, testing, newrelic, nagios, agile, iPython, integration, web, tdd, api, raspberrypi, jenkins, social, REST, linux, hypermedia, XP, cucumber, pair-programming, semantic-web
London, UK
Job title
Software Developer
Company web site

Quick Bio

EuroPython Speaker in 2012, presenting Behaviour Driven Development at BSkyB. Great conference and looking forward to being a part of EuroPython 2013.

Currently learning my trade as an Associate Software Developer at broadcaster and telecoms company BSkyB in the UK. I was employed under the Software Engineering Academy graduate scheme, straight after completing my degree in the field of Computing at the University of Leeds.

Now into the final stages of the academy we have since been deployed into established teams within Sky and my development continues as daily pair programing with senior developers advances my skills and practices as I look to shape my career in the software engineering industry.

We use Agile Development methodologies and pair programming, to develop a data-driven, Python 2.7 RESTful application, that models Sky Products and offers.

David Sale’s Talks

The ‘Agile Movement’
Behaviour Driven Development at BSkyB
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