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Cesare Di Mauro

Cesare Di Mauro

Technical interests
nosql, pypy, javascript, python3, IPC, database, core-programming, mysql, cloud, optimization, async, debugging, appengine, csv, mobile, android, porting, servers, design, architecture, interpreter, bytecode, hpc, testing, embedded, space-exploration, Python, tdd, api, distributed, php, scalability, embedding, game-development, xml, mongodb, json, data-analysis, sql, eclipse, teamwork, sublimetext, Algorithms, windows, software-engineering, backend, refactoring, performance, amqp, WSGI, RPC, women, internationalization, unicode, zip, bdd, static-analysis, compression, thread, code generation, storage, framework, text-editors, ide, desktop, information-retrieval, python-bindings, JIT, open-source, parallelization, parsing, metadata, space, geospatial, gui, best-practices, concurrency, continuous-integration, retrocomputing, compiler, databases, encodings, systems-programming, static-typing, compilers, agile, project-management, threading, programming, pair-programming, java, italian-food, db-api, application-design, type-cheking, graphics, automation, ui, C/C++, metaprogramming, c, ctypes, slow-food, usability, computer-science, programming-paradigms, sysadmin, computer-graphics, programming-languages, test-driven-development, programminglanguage
Catania, Italy
Job title
Senior Software Engineer

Quick Bio

I worked for a multinational company involved in mobile telephony services, from more than 7 years. During this time I have been mainly using Python as a programming language to create client server systems, HTTP servers, web or custom applications, using also middlewares such as SOAP or Ice. As a stager and thesist at the University of Catania, where I got a bachelor's degree in 2004, I realized a JPEG 2000 decoder for STMicroelectronics to be implemented in hardware (with a particular focus on error concealment techniques) using ANSI C. As past experience I worked on the creation of videogames (in Motorola 68000 assembly language) for Commodore Amiga, one of which (Fightin' Spirit) was published.

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